Hướng dẫn tạo email bằng file CSV

Để tạo cùng lúc nhiều email bạn thực hiện tạo file Account.csv theo định dạng sau:

‘Mailbox’, ‘FullName’, ‘MailDir’, ‘AllowAccess’
‘arvel’, ‘Arvel Hathcock’, ‘C:\MDaemon\Users\colette.edu.vn\Arvel\’, Y
‘michael’, ‘Michael Mason’, ‘C:\MDaemon\Users\colette.edu.vn\Michael\’, N

Sau đó theo hướng dẫn sau để Import

  1. Select Accounts
  2. Select Importing
  3. Select Import accounts from a comma delimited text file…
  4. Browse to the csv file
  5. Select Open
  6. Select Yes to the prompt
  7. Select a domain to import the accounts into
  8. Select OK

    • MDaemon will import the accounts from the csv file
    • For a detailed log of the import processing please review the TXIMPORT.LOG within the \MDaemon\APP directory
  9. Select OK